The Metro Minority Caucus to Honor Senator Thelma Harper and Former Councilwoman Lois Jordan

The Metro Minority Caucus today announced its annual reception to honor trailblazers Senator Thelma Harper and Former Councilwoman Lois Jordan. The Reception is being held Monday, February 12, 2018, at Belmont University (The Ayers Conference Center) from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“More than ever, women are reshaping politics, thanks in large part to the contributions made by Senator Harper and Former Councilwoman Jordan,” said Councilwoman-at-Large Sharon Hurt who is also vice chair of the Minority Caucus. “It is an honor to celebrate these pioneering women at our annual reception this Black History month.” Read More


General Hospital Announces Current and Upcoming Projects

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry recently sent out a newsletter to prominent members of the Nashville community citing their current and upcoming events and projects. Dr. Joesph Webb is thrilled to share his thoughts with these members of the community, and he looks forward to getting their feedback as well.



Billion Dollar Network Provides New Opportunity
for Small Business Owners

The Maynard Group joins Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority for Unique Opportunity

The Maynard Group (TMG) recently partnered with the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) to host the inaugural, highly successful Billion Dollar Network event on November 10, 2016 at Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis, LLP.

This first-of-its-kind event provided networking and training opportunities to actively seek qualified vendors for MNAA certification. This event served as a direct effort to engage businesses in the BNA Vision, which includes a 1.5 billion dollar expansion. Program attendees had the opportunity to hear more from Davita Taylor, MNAA’s director of Business Diversity, about the BNA Vision and to learn exactly how they may get involved.

“The Airport is proactively launching this initiative to search for SMWBE/MBE businesses who might gain business from the upcoming expansion of Nashville’s airport,” said Taylor. “The event explained to attendees how to do business with the airport and how to prepare for this extraordinary opportunity. We will have more information at the beginning of the New Year, but want to ensure that we are cultivating relationships now.”

The event saw a large turn out of diverse business owners and entrepreneurs. TMG received over 75 attendees, interested in learning how to do business with MNAA. This event provided business owners with a chance to hear directly from MNAA officials and learn more about this expansion effort and the opportunities that come with it. This event not only presented a new opportunity for business owners but also provided them with a unique space to network with other business owners.

“It was very exciting to partner with MNAA for this opportunity, and it was a truly unique event for small and minority business owners,” said Maynard. “It is vital for us to help small businesses in Nashville grow and expand because they are the economic engine of the city. I see this event as a gateway for small business owners to get involved with the BNA Vision.”


J.UM.P. Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership, or J.U.M.P., is commemorating twenty years of developing, fostering, and promoting cooperative economic development in North Nashville. The Maynard Group is thrilled to celebrate their success.

Over 111 individuals and organizations make up JUMP’s active membership — doctors, lawyers, dentists, master barbers, musicians, ministers, writers, hair stylists, retailers and restaurateurs — with one thing in common. Keeping Jefferson Street alive and thriving.

Faith-based Group Targets Millennials, Minorities with National GOTV Effort

A national religious denomination has banded together to get their members to the voting booth. Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship started Fellowship Unite, a PAC aiming to register and turnout millennial and minority voters in the 2016 election and beyond. The organization aims to unite church congregations with a common goal: energize 100,000 unengaged voters to get out to the voting booth. Starting with a powerful online video, Fellowship Unite aims to turn community outrage to action.

“It’s time to turn our anger about discrimination, police violence, and other issues of the day into meaningful, political action,” says Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III, one of the group’s leaders. “Fellowship Unite is organized to shift us from protest to power, to shift us from apathy to action. This election is too important to stay home.”

Walker, based in Nashville at Mount Zion Baptist Church, is the Presiding Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, a network of Baptist pastors and churches all over the world. Walker graduated with a Ph.D. in Theology from Princeton University and has grown the Mount Zion congregation from 175 members to more than 30,000 since taking over in 1992.

“I believe that part of developing your own destiny is engaging in civic responsibility. Too many people have paid too high of a price for us to sit home and do nothing. The stakes are too high. I want people to join us as we encourage all churches nationwide to register to vote and get folks to the polls,” says Walker. “We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to make it happen. Let’s be a part of our own destiny.”

Another driving force of the organization is Bishop K. Edwin Bryant, who began working under Walker in 1992 at Mount Zion and eventually worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer. Bryant now presides over Mount Pisgah Church in Dayton, Ohio, which has been transformed into a regional leader under Bryant.

“Our country is at a critical point in our history, and it would be a shame for the black community to shy away from its obligation to become engaged in the political process,” says Bryant. “We must let our voices be heard in deciding the direction of this country.”

This effort centers around the “Trinity Pledge,” a commitment Fellowship Unite is asking all of its churches’ members to make, whereby they pledge to register to vote, vote early, and get three other non-registered people to register and vote.

Events like “Faith Day at the Polls,” a national day where churchgoers meet their pastor at polling locations, and “Souls to the Polls,” a program providing rides in church buses to the polls, will be utilized by the PAC to ensure members get to the ballot box.

Fellowship Unite is focusing its GOTV efforts in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. The organization is non-partisan and does not promote a particular candidate or ideology. Fellowship Unite only wants its members to engage in the political process.