Foundation Nashville Open House Inspires Small Business Owners

The Maynard Group had the honor of participating in the Foundation Nashville Open House event this week, where small business owners and entrepreneurs came together to network and hear from seasoned professionals. More importantly, attendees were inspired to grow their businesses into something extraordinary. Jerry Maynard, of The Maynard Group, served as host, alongside Foundation Nashville director, Shawtaz Crawford. The guest speaker, of the evening, was Darrell Freeman of Zycron, Inc.

To kick off the night, attendees heard from Crawford, who welcomed everyone and shared details about the aim of Foundation Nashville, as well as the partnership with Intelligent Office. Crawford explained that Foundation Nashville was started as a way to create a centralized destination for the support and development of small and minority owned businesses. He started Foundation Nashville as a way to see these businesses succeed in our growing community. Intelligent Office, he explained, is another tool that small business owners and entrepreneurs can utilize to get their businesses off the ground affordably, while maintaining a professional appearance. Crawford then asked Maynard to introduce Freeman, his friend and entrepreneurial colleague.

Once Darrell Freeman stepped up to the mic, he captivated attendees with his true passion for business and his relatable story of how achieved success. With countless words of advice, Freeman harped on the idea that for small business owners, the word no is a good thing.

“You must understand the value of no,” said Freeman. “No’s are good, because in every chain of no’s, there will be a yes.”

He went on to explain how he was laughed out of countless banks when looking for a loan to start his company. Each of these told him no, but he never lost hope, because he knew that eventually he would hear a yes – and he did. Despite barely making the grades to graduate from Middle Tennessee State University, Freeman is now a poster child for a small business success story. From everything he has learned along the may, he left attendees with two big pieces of advice. The first of those two is that you should never make money just to make it, but rather you should make money to help others and always give back. The second is that failure is a part of the journey.

“My failures are not standing on top of me. I’m standing on top of my failures,” Freeman said as a final thought.