Entrepreneur Credits Success to Nashville Small Business Expo

With Music City’s rapid growth, small business success stories sometimes go unnoticed. That is not the case, however, for Mike Hemmelgarn who opened a Nashville franchise of Intelligent Office in 2015. It has taken a year, but he attributes his success to networking at the Nashville Small Business Expo presented by The Maynard Group.

Intelligent Office focuses on handling administrative staff work for small businesses and companies who are in growth stages. From answering phones to online administration, Intelligent Office provides a way for small businesses to be professional and attentive to clients as they develop a business presence.

Hemmelgarn, after twenty years in automative sales and finance, saw Intelligent Office as an opportunity to start a business that focuses on cultivation of small businesses in a fast-paced municipality. Shortly after opening his franchise on August 18, 2015, with dry wall dust still littering the floor, he heard about the inaugural Nashville Small Business Expo and saw an opportunity. Hemmelgarn headed into the expo that morning to set up his booth, without any knowledge that the other companies surrounding him would soon become clients that would grow his business…exponentially. After a day full of networking opportunities, Hemmelgarn left with a new client that signed with him that same day. This would be the first of many clients to convert after meeting Mike at the Small Business Expo.

Today, Hemmelgarn has over one hundred clients, including many from the Small Business Expo and credits much of his success to his involvement in the event. Hemmlgarn believes that small businesses, of all types, should attend the expo in the future. Aside from providing great exposure and resources, it allowed Hemmelgran and so many others to create relationships among the small business community. Of his many relationships cultivated at the Small Business Expo, The Maynard Group was one of the first and has gone on to assist him with business ventures.

“Jerry Maynard serves as an integral part of business development for Intelligent Office,” said Hemmelgarn. “We’re pleased to have his support and his business acumen as an asset to our success.”